Port Manec'h

Port Manec'h, located at the mouth of the Aven, was one of the major resort areas in the Belle Epoque. Booths bathers early twentieth demonstrated yet.
Symbol of this period, the hotel Julia, luxurious hotel built in the 1920s of great personalities stayed there, Arletty, Jean Gabin ...

Dr. Barnes (1872/1951), the great American collector, spent many summers in this idyllic spot, attracted by the presence of painters of Pont-Aven and the beautiful scenery.
The streets are quaint and beautiful properties alongside the fishermen's houses of yesteryear. A charming footpath can get from the sandy beach to the port.

After the dike path accessing the GR34 to discover a few meters away the lighthouse of Port Manec'h.

At this point, the horizon stretches out of view Glénan Groix, revealing extraordinary panoramas.
On the beach of Saint-Nicolas, the municipality has a tiralo. An all-terrain truck specially designed to enable disabled people to enjoy the pleasures of the sea