Destination - the Ocean

In South Brittany, close to Pont Aven and Concarneau, Nevez, coastal resort is ideally located between land and sea She received the Blue Flag for the quality of its bathing water.
Each season brings different and precious happiness in an exceptional environment where nature and ocean are ubiquitous.


In spring, the flora and fauna are awakening: The gardens are adorned with their finest colors, rhododendrons, camellias ... The turquoise waters of the sea invites to bathe. This is the kind that comes between green and blue. Gauguin and the School of Pont-Aven did were not mistaken, they had put their brushes.
In summer, long sandy beaches and rocky coves to the delight of children who are new to fishing, walking and having fun making sand castles.
Autumn is with the tides. The landscapes adorn their finery: Indian Summer takes its neighborhoods.
Gales herald winter, a bracing walk can relax and enjoy the wide open against the force of the sea and waves. Clean air can relax and release any stress.