A country of cottages and standing stones

Névez has preserved its picturesque cultural heritage.

At the seaside, country cottages and standing stones, Nevez retained this picturesque cultural heritage. At the discretion of roads, houses with thatched roofs and granite are revealed. Houses with blue shutters lined with hydrangeas, so typical in Britain, representing the traditional architecture of the past.

The charming villages of Kerascoët and Kercanic became essential sites visits Finistere.
Today these houses with thatched roofs are witnessing a time and know-how. They enabled the craftsmen, thatchers, to continue the tradition for decades by transmitting their passion for the job.
Thatch was once made ​​of rye straw, today it has been replaced by the reed.
névezLe ubiquitous granite on the town is part of the landscape. It was related to people's lives: used for building houses, bread ovens, wells and fences. In 1900, a hundred stonemasons still working Nevez in open pit at the bottom of the cove Kerrochet, accessible at low tide and visited as part of discovery tours.
The buildings are the most unusual granite fences and houses standing stones (late 18th) "Mein Zao" in Breton.
These unique buildings in France were awarded the "Landscape of reconquest" of the Ministry of Environment in 1993 to protect them.
Chapels and shrines were also granite. They dotted the countryside at the intersections of minor roads.